Understanding Your Retirement Benefits


Knowledge of your asset protection and preservation helps you get the best return on your money. Allow us to equip you with this information by helping you understand your retirement benefits.

We help you grow your disposable income while avoiding or reducing your taxes (income, estate, capital gains, and probate). This reduces the chances of having to spend your assets when you need nursing home care.

FEBAA can provide a unique analysis of your estate and give recommendations on how to increase your assets and income thus guaranteeing your principle.

We don’t want your employees to miscalculate their retirement income and have to work during their old age.

What You Should Know Before You Retire

  1. Eligibility – Have you met the requirements in terms of years of service and age?
  2. Have you considered your expenses in retirement vis-a-vis retirement income? Is your retirement income sufficient to sustain the kind of life you desire?
  3. Have you made provisions for the increased cost of health insurance in retirement?
  4. Do you have to designate a survivor benefit? If so, how much?
  5. How do you ensure your spouse accesses health insurance in retirement in the event of your premature death?
  6. Social Security Benefits: Do you understand it? Do you know the implications of starting benefits at age 62 rather than at 66 and older?
  7. Do you understand that buying back Military time will increase your retirement annuity? Have you considered buying it?
  8. Why is TSP important in your retirement? How long will your TSP benefits last? Should you leave your money in the TSP?
  9. Should you consider the TSP as the best place to leave your hard-earned money?

There are also countless other factors unique to each employee that you must consider.

We encourage all employees to use our resources and contact us to set up a Free Benefits Review.

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